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72Option Forex Broker – Our Review

Review of Binary Options Broker 72option.com
Review of Forex Broker 72option.com

Forex is the fastest growing trading business in the world today. Traders are attracted for the reason that the trading procedures are very simple and profit margin are huge in a very short span of time.

The success in Forex trading mainly depends on the efficiency and supporting services of the trading platform. So the selection of the Forex broker is very critical in this form of trading.

The name of the 72option Forex trading platform is in the present days takes uppermost place in the list of world’s leading web-based Forex trading platforms.

72option trading platform furnishes exceptional trading services in the mode of exciting trading products, user friendliness, technologically advancement in tools of trading, 24/7 real-time customer support in conjunction with safety measures.

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72option.com Open Account Page
72option.com Open Account Page

72option has aimed to simplify every sphere of Forex trading. Traders are required to complete an online simple form of registration for creating a Forex trading account. The registration form contains personal information of the traders together with the information regarding the trading currency. 72option offers three trading currencies namely EURO, USD, and GBP. The currency once selected at the time of registration cannot be changed later due to the reason that it gives rise to complications during the course of trading and settlements. In this menu, trader creates his desired unique username and password for future trading. This username and password serve as a logical security measure for operating the Forex trading account. The process of registration completed by accepting the terms and conditions of the service.


72option.com Hot Assets, USD/JPY and Gold, Binaries
72option.com Hot Assets, USD/JPY and Gold, Binaries

72option Forex trading platform has the customer-focused strategy that aims to fulfill the trading requirements of investors or traders. 72option trading platform offers numerous trading opportunities in diverse products of trading assets. 72option trading platform provides the following web-based varied investing alternative;

  • 20 INDICES of the world renowned Stock Exchanges that lists the numerous stock options in different industrial sectors all around the globe
  • 12 currency pairs
  • 7 varied commodities including oil, gold, platinum and silver
  • 19 Globally well-known, secure and balanced market leading companies’ stock options

72Option on Mobile App

72option Mobile Trading App
72option Mobile Trading App

72option make the trade easier by bringing the innovation in the ways of trading that meet and exceed the expectations of the customer.

The traders of 72option now can avail trading opportunities anywhere in the world with the launching of the mobile app. This new change makes the traders initiate Forex trading through mobile.

Traders can receive prompt information about the market and able to take appropriate actions in a split of a second. Investors can check the status of their trading contracts and can avail the time limited trading opportunities with the mobile pop-up facility.

72option trading platform with the invention of Mobile trading app sets an example of customer care.

Download mobile app >>here<<

Trading Software, Platform and Trading strategies

72option trading platform is totally a web based Forex trading platform that is well equipped with technologically modern software to cater the requirements of the modern trading. The inclusion of sixty seconds and one touch trading techniques is a forwarding step toward aggressive trading. Binary trading usually extremely appealing to risk seeker traders due to a high level of profits it provides. The introduction of sixty-second binary trading and one touch binary trading methods works like a booster in aggressive binary trading.

72option has the policy of fair dealing by providing all the facts and figures relating to a particular trade to his customers i.e. traders or investors. 72option platform describe the profit payout percentage with potential payout amount against the particular selected asset i.e. currency pair, stock asset or commodity as the case may be. 72option trading platform also gives risk indications associated with the relative trade. The platform gives the statistics of the sundry trader’s choice regarding the call or puts in respect of the underlying trading asset that helps in ascertaining the market player’s trend.

The traders at 72option trading platform can maximize their profits by utilizing the ladder trading facility. A ladder is trading tools vide which a trader can set various price levels in conjunction with the fixed period of expiry time for gaining the maximum profit by predicting the market conditions. Ladder trading is simply a multiplier of trading profits with limited risk exposure. Ladder trading is a new concept in trading and very few trading platform are allowing this facility and 72option trading platform is one of them.


72option is the best place for beginners. 72option trading platform explain the gradually all the trading procedure of trading by explaining the basic term of the trade. Its educational articles are very helpful for the traders for understanding the tricks of the trade and related risk associated with the each type of asset trading. 72option is of the view that the primary training with respect to the trading is necessary for excelling in the business of trading.

Demo Account

The introduction of demo trading account is another step in the field of learning. 72option demo trading account serves as an advisor for gaining the experience in simulation for absorbing the trading dynamic environment. 72option trading account is just like a rehearsal or practice station before entering in the real world scenario of trading. A trader with the help of dummy trading account can assess his success rate and practically have hands on the trading market bluffly situation without be afraid of losing any real investment.


72option trading platform is a complete web based trading platform where a trader finds an online market trend analytical tool that aid in forecasting the market trends. 72option trading platform offers Relative Strength Index (RSI) Oscillator, Moving Average (MA) and Bollinger Bands (BB) that tender real-time support in the decision-making process to the investors. Further, the initiation of super trader TV and relevant market news blog are quite helpful for the traders in forecasting the trends of the trading market. 72option trading platform provides these services for the well-being of the traders for keeping them up to date and taking appropriate actions according to the situations. The information regarding upcoming merger and major takeovers can bring material changes that can affect the market position and ultimately the position of a trader.

Account & Banking

72option trading platform in collaboration with professional treasury managers and risk evaluators that enable the platform for making the secure treasury transactions in an efficient and improved manners. 72option trading platform guaranteed the trading profit payouts according to the already defined terms and condition. 72option trading platform used the following modes of receiving and transferring the funds by making sure the security measures;

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Delta
  • Maestro (Authenticated with master card secure code)
  • Maestro UK  (Switch and Solo) (Authenticated with master card secure code)
  • Bank wire transfer

72option trading platform assumes the social responsibility by taking measures against the money laundering. 72option trading platform adhere the guidelines set by the UK’s Joint Money Laundering Steering Group and strengthen the hands by making an alliance against black money. These policies include:

  • Ensuring clients have valid proof of identification
  • Maintaining records of identification information
  • Determining that client are not known or suspected terrorists by checking their names against lists of known or suspected terrorists
  • Informing clients that the information they provide may be used to verify their identity
  • Closely following clients’ money transactions
  • Not accepting cash, money orders, third party transactions, exchange houses transfers or the Western Union transfers.

Return on Investment and Customer Care

72option trading platform is the name of the professionally trusted web based trading environment. 72option cares the customers beyond their imaginations. On this platform for every investor or trader, a personal account manager assigned for providing the assistance that is available to them 24/7 via telephone, email and lives chat. That is the reason, the traders at this trading platform has a high rate of success as compared to another trading platform. The ratio of returns on the capital invested is almost double at 72option trading platform as compared to the trading on other trading platforms. 72option is a trading platform where traders come first.


72option trading platform covers the every aspect of options trading by providing diverse product options and the simple web based user-friendly trading environment. It is an innovative platform that pays proper attention to the research and development activities for establishment of new trading techniques for better serving the needs of their traders. The services at 72option trading platform confer competitive edge to their traders over others. It is not possible to find all these above-mentioned trading facilities on a single trading platform. So the 72option web base trading services are proving as a success factor in trading.