A Review Of AlphaBinary

AlphaBinary Review - https://www.alphabinary.com/
AlphaBinary Review – https://www.alphabinary.com/

AlphaBinary – Regulated Binary Options Broker

AlphaBinary is a company that works with investments in binary options trading. The international group helps traders learn about working with binary options, as well as assistance in technology on making a successful trade. They allow traders to engage in transactions with multiple assets in stock, currencies, and commodities. AlphaBinary, based on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, is regulated under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is operated by AGM Markets.

AlphaBinary Regulation - http://www.cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/entities/investment-firms/cypriot/37714/
AlphaBinary Regulation – http://www.cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/entities/investment-firms/cypriot/37714/

Trading With AlphaBinary

There are many benefits working with AlphaBinary, starting with opening a free account. There is no charge to pay once the account is set up and it includes a personal account manager to assist. From the beginning, a new investor will also receive on their account AlphaBinary’s multiple easy-to-use trading tools. The procedure with binary trades is simple: pick up an asset, select an expiration time, enter the amount that will be invested, choose which direction the asset will go, and approve the transaction.


Trading Academy – SqaureOne

To learn about binary trading, AlphaBinary promotes to traders SquareOne, an “academy” for beginners on what are binary options and what are the benefits with them. It is free for all customers, there are guides using ebooks and videos, and explains important topics such as risk management and daily market analysis. They explain the different types of tradable assets and basic terminologies, strategies when trading, and how to work with them in the trading arena.

This is their key feature on the website because it attracts newcomers and guides them throughout the process. SquareOne, as they put it, “is the arm that traders need to empower their trading career right from the start.” And it truly does go in-depth with the subject, as if it’s Binary Options for Dummies. There is a what, when, why, and how process to this whole equation over this one topic. “SquareOne has it all,” they proclaim, and they may not be juicing it up from the looks of their benefits.

AlphaBinary Mobile App

There is also an app for AlphaBinary so trades can be done over the phone. This enables people to trade as they go, not just on their PC. Because the expiration date could be short-term and the numbers for each asset go up and down all the time, it is important to have the information immediately in hand. The company also issues a warning to those who trade, giving a heads up to any newcomer: binary options are usually speculative. It is easy to lose their capital, as it is to gain it, putting a “trade at your own risk” stamp on their company.


They are partnered with the big names in trading: NASDAQ, DOWJONES, VISA, MASTERCARD, Reuters, and Deutsche Borse Group. AlphaBinary has shown their worth in the speculation business with binary options and give a boost to traders on what they want to do and how to do it.


For any newcomer, this is a solid place to go to when making their first moves in the trading sector and for the best investment gain they want to get.