Daweda FX Options Exchange


The Daweda Exchange is a FX options exchange – not broker – which gives European investors a fair, honest way to profit trading FX options. The Daweda Exchange launched in June 2016 and has already witnessed tremendous growth. This exchange is based in Cyprus and is licensed by CySEC and is compliant with MiFID.

How Does Daweda Exchange Work?

The Daweda Exchange runs on a peer-to-peer trading model where buyers and sellers come together to trade without the involvement of a third-party broker. As opposed to profiting when traders lose, as is the case with FX options brokers, the Daweda Exchange makes their money purely from commissions, so they have no interest in how the outcome of a trade turns out.

If John knows that Gold is likely to fall by the end of the trading day, he would click on Daweda’s Order Book and look for available contracts with end-of-day expiries to place a sell order. If no contract is currently available, he can create a pending order and wait for another trader to fill the order with buy.

Trading With Daweda

Daweda’s proprietary web-based trading platform is incredibly simple to use compared to certain other FX option exchanges. Traders have access to a total of 17 trading instruments, including 7 currency pairs, gold and oil, 4 indices, and 4 stocks.

Each contract cost’s $10, which is low, but not as low as the Cantor Exchange’s contracts. So if you want to wager $50 on a USD/CAD sell order, you would need to purchase 5 contracts. The minimum deposit required to open a new account is just $100, but if you plan on using Daweda’s Automated Trading System (which is highly recommended), then you will need a balance of at least $250.

Each contract comes with a $0.50 fee and every winning trade comes with a full 100% return on investment. Most standard FX options brokers offer payouts ranging from 65% – 85%.

Daweda Exchange Advantages

There are several reasons why you should choose Daweda Exchange over your current FX options broker.

  • Regulated exchange means guaranteed withdrawals
  • 100% returns on winning trades
  • The absolute best price quotes
  • Unique cashback plans for traders investing in high volumes – make money just by trading
  • Their hedging feature allows you to hedge orders and protect your capital
  • Their autotrading system is free and gives you a complete hands-off trading experience