Five FinexArena Features That Have Managed to Impress Traders

FinexArena Review

Online reviewers are a great resource for customers to know about a company’s goods and bads. When you are looking for an online broker, these online reviews can help you a great deal in knowing how good or bad the broker you are considering is. When reviewing FinexArena, a lot of the reviewers have found certain features from this broker to be amazing. These features are very scarce in the online brokerage industry. And even if there are other brokers doing what FinexArena is doing, they are not as good. Let’s review the amazing FinexArena features that have managed to impress the best online reviewers.

FinexArena Understands What Security and Fairness Mean

The first thing that impresses anyone about FinexArena is the fact that this broker understands the concepts of security and fairness. These are the two things you have to expect from every online broker. How can you even think about signing up with a broker if it does not make the entire process fair and transparent? When it comes to FinexArena, the company has ensured proper adherence to policies like AML, KYC, etc. Through these policies, the broker makes sure only the legal entities are able to sign up on its platform using only valid information. You will notice that the signup process with FinexArena requires you to present a lot of personal information.

Through this information, the broker identifies you and removes any doubts that someone else is using your information. At the same time, it prevents money launderers from using its platform to save their illegally earned money. All the information you provide to the broker is also encrypted to ensure your information is safe and secured. Funds deposited in the online account by the trader are also maintained in segregated accounts. All of these things indicate the FinexArena fully understands security and what it matters to the traders who are signing up online.

In addition to the things stated above, you also have to pay attention to how secure the methods of depositing the money are. You can use from a variety of methods so you can always find one that you are most comfortable with. You can transfer your money through bank wire transfer or use your credit card to fund your account. You have online payment methods available too. The best thing is that you can transfer your digital coins straight from your crypto wallet now. No need to go to exchanges to convert your digital coins and put them in danger.

FinexArena Takes Care of Experienced and New Traders

Just because experienced traders can make more money for the broker does not mean the broker should not pay attention to the new traders. Similarly, just because new traders are easy to convince does not mean a broker should only work on converting leads into new traders. A broker should take the responsibility of providing both the type of traders with the best trading experience. You will notice that FinexArena does just that. Looking at its account types, you can clearly notice that they are meant for experienced as well as new traders.

There are four different account types that you can pick one from when you sign up with FinexArena. The first two are for beginners and are called Starters and Silver account. The other two accounts are called Gold and Premium, and they are meant for advanced traders. Advanced traders enjoy some great features that let them make a lot of money whereas new traders do not feel deprived just because they have small funds in their accounts. All the account types have been balanced perfectly by the broker. There is no discrimination on the basis of the trading platform. You get access to all the trading platform regardless of the account type you have chosen.

FinexArena Creates Perfect Trading Conditions

You can’t completely ignore the fact that some brokers will not let you make enough money on your trades. They have ways to make more money than the trader and that’s why their business continues to float whereas new traders end up losing any interest in their trading careers. FinexArena has created the perfect trading conditions that give everyone the opportunity to make a lot of money. So, when you sign up with this broker with one of the two basic accounts, you will get leverages of 1:100. These might not be the biggest leverages in the industry but they are excellent for new traders.

As a new trader, you are always at a high risk of losing your money because you don’t understand the tumultuous nature of the market fully. That’s why a leverage of 1:100 is just perfect. On the other hand, if you are an experienced trader, you can enjoy double the leverage at 1:200. There should be no issues for you when you want to open an account because of the small initial deposit requirements. If you don’t like varying spreads, you can go with the most basic account which boasts fixed spreads. Other three accounts have floating spreads. You don’t have to pay any commissions on your trades because of the spreads model.

FinexArena Asset Index Is the Most Complete

The asset index from FinexArena is definitely one that has to be boasted. You find a lot of assets on this asset index that you don’t find with any other broker. While commodities, forex currency pairs, stocks, etc. are no different, there are some surprises in this asset index. The first surprise for you will be in the form of cryptocurrencies. The broker is exploring new markets to bring the best to its new and experienced traders. It is the result of the broker’s ambitious nature that has helped it bring cryptocurrency trading to its traders. At the moment, you can use bitcoin CFDs to trade on the FinexArena trading platform.

FinexArena always tries to go the extra mile when it comes to making things better for its traders. You have many proofs of that. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the proof lies in the presence of the crypto wallet money transfer option. Without converting your digital coins, you can transfer them right from your wallet because you have this option available with FinexArena. The second big surprise comes in the form of cannabis stocks. Yes, you have cannabis stock options from Cara Therapeutics, Tilray Inc., GW Pharmaceuticals, AbbVie Inc., and many other cannabis companies available for you to trade with FinexArena.

These cannabis stocks are rising in value with the passage of time. Of course, you will have to do some analysis to know the exact condition of the market, but there is no doubt about the fact that cannabis market is one of the most lucrative ones right now. Trade these stocks with leverage and get your hands on some handsome profits.

FinexArena Has an Amazing Trading Platform

There is no area where you can call FinexArena a weak broker. When it comes to the trading platform, you get everything that you will expect from one of the best online brokers of the world. If you could research a little on the internet, you will find out that MetaTrader 4 has been the most renowned and amazing trading platform in the trading industry. Brokers and traders in the industry love it alike. Signing up with FinexArena will give you access to this perfect trading platform. Not just that, you will be able to use it in any form you like. From downloading the software on your computer to using it in the form of  a mobile application, you can do it all with MetaTrader 4.

You can also use this software in its web version. The web-based version does not have to be downloaded and it can be used on just about any platform and device you can think of. Whether you use Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or some other software, the web version of the trading platform should be compatible with all of them. The good thing about MT4 platform is that every trader can customize it according his/her needs. You can learn it within minutes because of its clean UI and simple options. You can also equip it with all the necessary trading tools that have been designed to help you execute successful trades and make handsome profits in the end.

Bottom Line

You have to realize here that all the features mentioned above are some of the most important ones that a broker should have. These are not gimmicky features but ones that matter to every single trader in the world. You want to trade safely and also would like to have the opportunity to make lots of profits on your trades. FinexArena gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money on your trades through large leverages. Not to mention, there is some decent training material that you can have access to after signing up with the broker. So, FinexArena can be one the best options if you or someone else is looking to start a trading career.