FXoro Regulated Forex Trading Broker Review

FXoro is a brokerage transaction site that exists in the financial market sector. They are the middle man that does transaction between prospective investors with their wide range of products in the FX markets. By brand, FXoro is known as MCA Intelli Funds LTD.

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FXoro has many benefits that they offer their customers, from flexible brokerage transactions to protective features and learning benefits. Read on to the FXoro review, where you can learn more about this brokerage transaction company that has been in business since their founding in 2012. This review will help you decide if FXoro is the right brokerage transaction platform for you.

Contact an Account Manager to Explore Your Choices of FXORO Account Package, Sign Up Here: FXORO.com/sign-up/

Account Choices for Everyone

FXoro is not a one-size-fits-all brokerage website. Instead, let you choose the package that works best for you. Their four different account styles include:

  • Fixed- This has a minimum deposit of $250 and charges no commission. It also offers full margins.
  • Floating– This site has 1,000 minimum deposit and does not charge commission. The stop out is at 25%.
  • ECN– The ECN account has a $5,000 minimum deposit. The high earnings from this type of account means that there is a $6 commission fee.
  • Islamic Account­- The specifics of Sharia Law require a special kind of account with a higher minimum deposit than most.

In addition to the wide range of accounts, you can fund from different locations which makes Fxoro convenient. You can fund it through Skrill, Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit cards, and Safe Charge. The platform is compatible with EUR and USD.

Demo Account Option

Another cool feature that you get with FXoro is a demo account. Basically, you sign up for the account and they give you ‘money’ (you don’t get to keep it) to use on the platform. You can invest in trades with other traders and find out if the FXoro site is for you before you decide to invest through them.

Compete with Traders Around the World

FXoro has platforms in several languages, giving you options to compete with traders from around the world. The FXoro website is available in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Turkish. Additionally, trading goes on 24-hours a day because it is always a good time to trade somewhere in the world.

The spreads you will find on the website are made for everyone. They range from competitive and low to tight and fixed. If it is going on somewhere in the world, FXoro knows about it and gives you a chance to get in on the money.

Reviewing FXoro Trading

FXoro competes with the best in the brokerage market. They offer real-time market signals and live rates, meaning you never lose money because of delayed or incorrect information. They also feature daily alerts about your transactions and signals analysis, which can help you pinpoint specific trades that you want to invest in based on your own specific trading style and the markers that you typically look for.

Protective Features

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people are timid about broker transactions is because they are afraid of loss. With FXoro, you can only lose as much money as you put in. This is because they feature negative balance protection that prevents your account from ever dipping down into the negative. You will never owe FXoro money that you cannot afford to invest.

You can also feel confident that FXoro is qualified to do what they do. They are a strictly-regulated broker with precautions in place so their customers profit instead of losing money.

Another great protective feature is for your first orders. If you make an AML- and CCC-approved transaction on your first order, you have protection from trade loss. FXoro will replace your loss up to $200, ensuring that the first transaction you have on their site is a pleasant experience.


Convenience is a major plus for any brokerage transaction company, since most people are not chained to their desktop while they complete transactions. They offer trading on the website and a mobile platform, as well as with MT4.

FXoro Cares About its Customers

FXoro shows in several ways that they value their customers. Here is what they do to make sure you have a great experience.

Great Customer Service

Customer care is available by phone, through e-mail, and on live chat directly on the FXoro website. They are available 24/7- from the basic 9-5 to weekends and holidays because they believe their customers should always have their issues addressed promptly. FXoro also provides features like manuals for use and call-back chat. You may also be able to contact the site (as well as stay up-to-date with the latest information) through social media. Some of their accounts include YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. FXoro customer service techs speak clear English (as well as some other languages) and are both knowledgeable and helpful.

Training For Beginners and Experts

FXoro is not interested only in making money. They want their customers to have the chance to learn more and grow their own profits. They offer one-on-one training and learning courses that cover basic subjects to complex marketing and analysis topics. Some of the courses they offer include CFD, Forex Trading, Trading Psychology, Stocks, MT$ Market Analysis, Forex Strategies, and Trading Central.

More advanced traders can speak with expert advisors legally to help them make the most profit. FXoro also allows Scalping and Hedging practices and has a maximum leverage of 400:1.

Other Benefits for Traders on the FXoro Site

FXoro does not stop at customer service and learning opportunities for both beginning and expert traders. They also have a partnership problem and a friend referral bonus of $1,000. This, coupon codes, and other benefits continue to show that they care.

Contact an Account Manager to Explore Your Choices of FXORO Account Package, Sign Up Here: FXORO.com/sign-up/

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