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Omega Options

Why Omega Options Trading Group is an Ideal Platform for FX Options Trading?

The Omega Options trading platform offers highly innovative and advanced trading tools to its users. The platform offers some of the most useful and unique strategies for trading, enabling traders to earn higher returns and profits on their trades. Whether you intend to learn the basics of FX options or even if you wish to use professional and proven trading strategies, omega options can provide you with a wide variety of tools and solutions for placing winning trades. Here, find a comprehensive review about the omega options FX trading platform.


Omega Options is a leading options broker that provides a wide range of products for all kinds of investors and traders. Depending upon their preference and convenience, traders can pick different trading options including High/Low, One Touch, High-revenue Range and Hyper.

Omega Options offers a broad variety of trading products to suit every type of trader, including the classic High/Low, the fast-paced Hyper, the popular One Touch and the high-revenue Range. While, the High/Low option allows traders to anticipate whether the price of an asset shall be lower or higher in comparison to its opening pricing before the expiry of a trade, the Hyper trading option is utilized for placing trades at higher speeds. Traders who opt for the Hyper trading option can place trades with an expiry period of thirty seconds to ten minutes. On the other hand, Range trading allows traders to decide if the asset price will continue to remain within its present boundaries or go beyond the same. Additionally, the One Touch Option is used for predicting whether the asset price will touch the existing target, either below or above its existing value before the expiry period.

Exceptional Features

The Omega Options platform is tailor-made for traders that intend to use a wider range of tools and features such as social trading tool, risk management features, account monitoring tool bar and multi-asset chart viewing. Thus, traders can decide whether they wish to delay their exit, close their position before expiry or double their investment.

Withdrawals and Deposits

In order to operate their accounts with Omega Options, traders need to make a minimum deposit of five hundred dollars. Apart from this, traders can use different currencies for opening a trading account and can transfer funds using credit cards, bank services, e-wallets and wire transfer services. Traders are allowed only a single free of cost withdrawal and beyond this a trader is required to pay a certain amount for every withdrawal made each month.

In a nutshell, the omega options trading platform offers all the information that a trader requires for FX options trading. Besides, with over hundred assets including stocks, indices, currencies and commodities to choose from, the platform offers diverse products and options for professional and novice traders.