The Real Truth about Scam Forex Brokers

Welcome to the Forex blog. A very important thing for the new forex traders is to know that there is no magic way of being profitable quickly. Though it is an exciting and enjoyable profession, you have to give it a lot of time before calling yourself a successful trader. Therefore, you should be cautious about any broker which tells you that you can turn your bucks into millions overnight by investing in forex.

Succeeding in forex takes dedication, passion and concentration. Combine these attributes with a reputable forex broker; you have got a bright future ahead. However, do not forget to inquire about the past performance record of your chosen forex broker. If the company delays, hesitates or refuses to provide their track records, you should be alarmed about the company.

Considering all these things, I have chosen ALFATRADE as my preferred Forex broker and never regretted my decision. ALFATRADE is regulated by globally recognized regulatory institutions and it regularly publishes its performance records. It also performs regular audits by reputed audit firms. The company representatives clearly explained its policy and terms of use to me. From my experience, I have seen that it strictly applies these policies in its operations.

Before taking the final decision, I took my time to browse various Forex forums, websites and blogs for finding any viable allegation against ALFATRADE. I did not find a single proved allegation against the company on any of these places. That is a huge plus point for a broker for being completely reliable.

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