Why StsRoyal Is the Best Option for Cryptocurrency Trading


Thanks to the internet, trading has become accessible for everyone around the world. Previously, people who had money were unable to invest it because the trading process was a tad more complicated. Even though it has become easier, you need to remember that the trading platform you select can have a huge impact on your experience. If you don’t select the right one, you could become victims of a scam or your money could get stuck. With the right broker by your side, you can double your investment in a very short amount of time. The question is how can you decide what broker is right?

Put simply, there are certain qualities that a trading platform has to have in order to be a good choice. If you check out StsRoyal, you will realize that they have fully read the manual for becoming a top notch broker because they have everything down pat. It is a crypto investment platform that gives traders all over the globe the opportunity of investing in a wide array of cryptocurrencies that have now been introduced in the market. What started off with Bitcoin has now expanded to include a horde of others and all of them offer you the potential to earn.

Thus, you can get started right away by signing up with StsRoyal because it has just what you need to be a successful and profitable trader. What makes it the best option? Here are just some of its qualities:

  • It boasts an intuitive interface and design

In the beginning, traders are more focused on margins, leverage, spread and profits and losses to pay much attention to anything else. But, when you gradually use the trading platform to conduct your transactions, you will realize exactly why it can make a difference. You need an intuitive and responsive trading platform because this will make it easier for you to execute your trades. You don’t want to waste your time looking for options or navigating the platform as the market can change in seconds and minutes. If it takes too long, it could result in a missed opportunity for you.

Trading becomes a lot more difficult in this scenario and people may not realize it is due to the platform. On the other hand, if the design is intuitive and user-friendly, everything will be easily accessible. Navigation will be a breeze and you will not have to jump through hoops to get what you want. In this way, your transactions will be conducted quickly and trades will also go smoothly. Also, if you take some time out to focus on mastering the art of trading through e-books and video courses, things will become even simpler. Luckily, StsRoyal has an education center where you can find all that you need to learn the ways of trading so you can wipe off some of the naiveté.

  • It offers some of the top cryptocurrencies

If you take a look at other brokers when you want to start crypto trading, you will be torn amongst the options. Some brokers are only offering Bitcoin as it is the pioneer cryptocurrency whereas others have only chosen to add a couple of others to their asset index. But, if you research, you will come to know that there thousands of crypto coins and currencies that can be found. In fact, new ones are introduced on a regular basis and some of them may have a very high potential. Why only go for a couple of cryptocurrencies when there are already too many people competing for them? It is a good idea to diversify your portfolio and this can only happen if you have access to a huge variety of them. This is where StsRoyal has excelled because this crypto investment platform has incorporated the biggest range of crypto coins available in the market.

When you sign up with the broker, you will be making deposits in the form of cryptocurrency only and the options available are Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin. Deposit options only extend to these three, but trading options are plenty. You can find just about any cryptocurrency you may want to trade, thanks to StsRoyal. They have added Ripple, Monero, NEO, Bitcoin Cash and many others that are known to have a ton of potential. Moreover, if you study cryptocurrencies, you will discover that they also have patterns like the forex market. Thus, you will be able to figure out cryptocurrencies that are correlated so you can reduce your losses and double your profits.

  • It paves the way for quick trading

The beauty of modern and advanced technology is that everything is right at your fingertips or just a few clicks away. Look at how you find a broker; from the traditional process of going out to finding a broker so you could buy and sell assets, you can now find one right from your couch with just a few taps. Why can’t the same be applicable to trading? Is it necessary to go through a number of exhaustive steps just because you have to execute a trade? It can be immensely frustrating and the longer process means that mistakes may happen. As a matter of fact, some people may ditch their trades midway if they become too frustrated.

With StsRoyal, trading is a breeze. One tap or click and your job is done. The trading platform developed by the broker is such that all cryptocurrencies are listed right in front on the chart and you can just select what you want to do and it gets done. When the trend moves in your favor, you just need to tap or click and it will happen. This is why the broker claims that profits are only a click away.

  • It enables you to control your trades

Obviously, when you are trading you are putting your own money at risk. Thus, you want to make all the decisions and don’t want any pesky limitations to get in your way. StsRoyal is fully aware of this need for empowerment in traders and they grant it to them. You will have complete control over all your trades, which means that you can use any trading tool and risk management strategy for keeping your losses at a minimum. The broker has incorporated some of the best tools and strategies for managing risks because everyone, from newbies to professional crypto traders, need them due to the market’s volatility.

For instance, the option of stop loss orders is not very common on other crypto investment platforms. Sure, the brokers offer them for other investment vehicles, but it is yet to be made available for cryptocurrencies. Yet, StsRoyal are quite proactive and have added this risk management strategy to the mix.

  • There is no downloading required

StsRoyal have developed a comprehensive and powerful web-based platform for their clientele. This trading platform can be accessed through a browser on any device of your choice. This means that there is no downloading or installation needed. Why is this a benefit? Downloading and installation can be time consuming and the final platform may suffer from some lags. Furthermore, it can only be accessed on the device it is downloaded on and the said device needs to have space to accommodate it. In case the device stops functioning, you will lose access.

Plus, with a downloaded program, you have to keep an eye out on updates, patches and other vulnerabilities to maintain its integrity. These problems are inherent in a downloaded trading platform, but not in a web-based one. StsRoyal has a web-based platform that is equipped with all trading tools you need for a smooth and memorable trading experience. All maintenance is the broker’s responsibility and you can access the platform on any device you prefer.

  • There are customization options

As mentioned above, you want to be in control of your investment. It is incredibly frustrating to have someone else dictate everything for you, which also applies to your trading platform. These days, trading platforms come with the possibility of customization, which means you can add or remove anything that doesn’t seem suitable to you and adjust the layout according to your preference. This is vital because every trader has different priorities and trading style; some are risk averse while others enjoy taking risks. Likewise, everyone may not trade the same cryptocurrencies so you would want a different chart. StsRoyal lets you do as you please and adjust your trading platform to reflect your needs to ensure you can fulfill your goals.


Every crypto trader should understand that selection of a trading platform cannot be taken lightly because it is where you do most of the work. It has to be just right and not too complicated or slow to get in your way. Also, it should give you the controls and do it in a secure and affordable way. StsRoyal is everything of the above and more and this makes it the best option for crypto trading.